Light (Half City) Roast

The Perfect Summer Cup

Pure, light, and perfect for summer, our new Light Roast captures the nuances of Kona highlighting bright acidity and floral notes.

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Classic Roasts

Medium (American) Roast

The Connoisseur's Roast

Roasted just to the point of releasing beginning aromatics; expressing inherent fruit forward character uninterrupted by an abundance of roasting

Almost Dark (Full City) Roast

The Ultimate Morning Cup

Slightly darker than a Medium Roast, adding intensity, depth, & a rich finish with notes of honeysuckle and cacao; the perfect way to greet your day

Dark (Viennese) Roast

The Anytime Pick-Me-Up

Long, even roasting creates dense flavor balanced by gentle acidity ideal for French press or espresso morning, noon, or night. Lighter than French or Italian roast to retain brightness characteristic of the region

Signature Roasts & Specialty Beans

Black & Gold

Yin meets Yang

The bright fruit of half Medium Roast marries perfectly with the gentle smoke & acidity of half Dark Roast resulting in harmonious balance

Tan & Gold

Layered perfection

Half Medium Roast provides fruit on the nose & a beautiful round mouth feel, while half Almost Dark Roast adds a deep, rich finish

Extra Fancy

Best in class

Treat yourself to the premium Kona experience with Extra Fancy, the highest grade of Kona beans. Offered in our Almost Dark roast & balanced to perfection; you're worth it.


Small but mighty

Available in Almost Dark Roast for a limited time due to its rarity & overwhelming popularity, Peaberry packs a flavor punch that commands attention

Our Roasting Philosophy

Our roasting philosophy is anchored in the idea of "mālama pono" (or to take good care).

Out of the utmost respect for our 100-year-old farm, our premium Kona crop, and our customers, we are committed to ensuring you get the freshest, most evenly roasted coffee possible.

Each grade/size is roasted as a separate lot to ensure the beans roast evenly; we also roast at a minimum of weekly.

This is paramount in ensuring your cup of Domain Kona is the fruit forward perfection that is the hallmark of the region.

Kona Coffee Grading

Kona EXTRA FANCY Grade: the largest & meatiest beans at #19 size (will not pass through a 19/64-inch hole) with the fewest imperfections per lb. (< 10)

Kona FANCY Grade: slightly smaller beans at #18 & allows for marginally more imperfections per lb. (< 16) than Extra Fancy

Kona #1 Grade: including #17 & #16 sizes, & allowing for slightly more imperfections per lb. (< 20)

Kona Prime Grade: smaller than size #16 & are typically used in Kona Blend; Kona Blend is usually only 10% Kona beans

Hawaii #3 Grade: allows for 35% defective beans by weight; this grade can never be labeled as anything more specific than Hawaiian Coffee

Off Grade: lower quality than Hawaii #3; use of the term “Hawaii” in conjunction with “Off Grade” is prohibited

Domain Kona is Always 100% Kona Estate Grown

At Domain Kona, we offer Estate Coffee, Extra Fancy Coffee, & (when supply allows) Peaberry.

Our Extra Fancy Coffee represents the cream of our crop, quite literally:

100% Kona Extra Fancy Grade (size 19)

Our Estate Coffee is a premium blend of only the 3 highest grades of pure Kona:

25% Extra Fancy + 50% Fancy + 25% #1 Kona

Peaberry refers to a coffee cherry containing 1 round bean as opposed to 2 flat beans. 1 bean per cherry instead of 2 allows that bean to absorb all the nutrients it would otherwise have to share, concentrating its flavor.

With Kona coffee accounting for a tiny .001% of world coffee production, and only 5% of that .001% qualifying as Peaberry, this coffee is truly one of the world's Finest & Rarest!