8oz ORO Medium + 8oz regular Medium - Whole bean

8oz ORO Medium + 8oz regular Medium - Whole bean
$39.00 $49.00

Total of 16 ounces of 100% Domain Kona Coffee - Whole bean.

A perfect way to compare our normal Medium roast with our special ORO yeast beans with the same Medium roast.

Coffee beans undergo a 24 hour 'fermentation' right after the cherry (skin) is removed - this dissolves the slimy mucilage that surrounds the bean. The fermentation occurs spontaneously with wild yeasts but in recent years commercial yeasts have been developed for coffee by the same people who make yeasts for wine & beer fermentation with the same idea of providing some added nuances of aromas & flavors.  After sampling 3 different commercial yeasts, we believe ORO yeast provides interesting nuances to our Medium Roast 100% Estate Grown Domain Kona coffee.

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