Photos from Domain Kona


the entrance to Domain Kona


Domain Kona from above with a Pacific ocean view


another beautiful sunset over Kealakekua Bay from Domain Kona


Domain Kona's  hoshidana  (coffee mill)


the Over-Seer of the orchards


Lelia with a chainsaw - pruning time at Domain Kona


Our neighbor's Golden likes to come for a dip in the bird-bath !


Domain Kona's farm cats - the 3 coolest cats in Kona


Para-Gliders over Domain Kona



Mark & Lelia - owners and farmers at Domain Kona


red, ripe cherry - ready to pick at Domain Kona

our niece, Tricia, picking coffee at Domain Kona


Mark & Lelia - cleaning coffee beans


Mark - raking coffee parchment in the Hoshidana at Domain Kona


2 Coffee Farmers : Lelia and Melody, our next door neighbor


Lelia with her surf board


Lelia and Mark picking coffee at Domain Kona - the 2 slowest pickers on the farm.


the Koi pond at Domain Kona - with 5 large koi


when not doing farm work - it is fun to go free-diving at Kealakekua Bay



It's always fun to see the White Tips napping in the cave at Kealakekua Bay

brother Mike - seems he can only surf on land