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DOMAIN  KONA          

Kona Coffee – one of the world’s finest and rarest coffees.

Domain Kona is the new name for a 100-year-old coffee farm ideally situated in the center of the famous Kona Coffee Belt on the Big Island of Hawai’i.  Domain Kona’s orchard, planted entirely to the Kona Typica trees, is the model of long-standing, loving care & devotion to premium coffee farming. The previous owners of our orchard dedicated their energies on maintaining the highest degree of excellence.  Having purchased the property in early 2018, we are new-comers to an area steeped in a history of excellence and are most enthusiastic to continue & expand on that tradition.

We are Mark Wessels and Lelia Zenner… after 30 years in the retail fine wine business in Washington DC we have purchased this beautiful small coffee farm in Kona, Hawaii and are eager to apply our collective experience in wine to the world of fine coffee.  As new owners of this impeccably maintained source of Kona Coffee, both Mark and I look forward to maintaining its stellar reputation.  Having enjoyed a long and satisfying career in the fine wine business, we embrace this new venture as an opportunity to realize our interests and knowledge.  In so many ways the transition from fine wine to gourmet coffee is seamless; single source, single domain…all ours, all the time!  We feel strongly that immersing ourselves in this endeavor is the most effective way for us to become a part of the property itself.

With an elevation of 1,400 feet, our orchards at Domain Kona benefit not only from ample sunshine and ocean breezes but also from the reliable afternoon rainfall. It is that very precious combination that creates the perfect climate for our coffee trees.  The care and nurturing of the trees in this ideal micro-climate is paramount to the production of what is considered one of the world’s finest and most highly valued coffees.  A mere 0.01 percent of the world’s coffee is produced in Kona’s famed orchards !

At Domain Kona, our priority is to tend our trees with timely and appropriate pruning, feeding and overall health maintenance never intervening with natures path.

From our orchard to your cup” is much more than a mere slogan.  For us it is our promise that you are purchasing 100% pure Kona (Arabica) Coffee of the very highest quality.  Cultivated, cared for, processed and packaged with the very highest regard at the Domain.


  • The volcanic, mineral-laden soil and balmy year-round temperatures indigenous to our orchard provide the perfect climate and habitat for Kona beans to mature to their fullest…the plumpest & sweetest of all !
  • Employing solely hand-harvesting, we select only the perfectly ripe cherry, never tainting our coffee with under or over-ripe beans.
  • Further, we take care to wet-process, ferment and sun-dry our coffee accentuating its natural depth & complexity.
  • Our sun-dried beans are then stored at our Domain in their natural hulls (parchment) in order to protect their aroma & flavor. Not until just prior to roasting will they be milled (to remove the hull) and graded according to size and quality with only the highest grades, Fancy and Extra Fancy being roasted and sold as Domain Kona.
  • Our beans are then slow-roasted, to our specifications…in small batches for optimum expression of their natural flavor & complexity.
  • Our 100% Kona coffee meets the strict coffee laws of the state of Hawaii assuring you of its authenticity and quality. Do not settle for ‘Kona Style’, ‘Kona Roast’, or ‘Kona Blend’…BUY the best and GET the best…100% Kona Coffee from DOMAIN KONA !

 Awarded Kona’s  “FARM OF THE YEAR”  in 2016 !

Mahalo nui

Mark Wessels  &  Lelia Zenner